5 Ways the Zubie–iControl Partnership Could Change Your Connected Lifestyle

zubie-icontrol-feature-smallCharleston startup Zubie recently announced its partnership with iControl Networks. Both companies focus on providing automated, connected experiences. Zubie provides connected smart car services, monitoring car diagnostics and driver activity, while iControl Networks is a leader in connected smart home technology and innovation. The two companies aim to closely integrate their services into one platform, providing consumers with a unified, seamless experience for their connected lifestyle.

The Zubie Key, a matchbox-sized wireless device that plugs into the car’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port, is what delivers Zubie’s connected car services. It sends reports containing data on location tracking, driving patterns, vehicle health, alerts, and more to Zubie’s mobile app.

iControl Networks, based in Redwood City, CA, enables customers to automate their homes by remotely managing their home’s security, lighting, temperature and other life assets using cameras and sensors. The gathered information is then conveyed to the user through a web browser.

The partnership between Zubie and iControl Networks is significant, as Zubie is the only connected car developer that is a member of the iControl OpenHome Partner Program, which allows application developers and device manufacturers to integrate connected products with iControl smart home platform solutions.zubie-key-phone

Wondering how these two companies working together could change your connected lifestyle experience? Here are five examples of what a smart home and smart car working together could mean for you:

1. Geofencing — Geofencing technology creates a virtual perimeter surrounding a real-world site. When someone carrying a mobile device enters the perimeter, the device transmits data that establishes the person’s location. Zubie uses this feature to track where family members are driving. iControl enables scheduling and control of security, lighting, temperature and doors. Now imagine that when you integrate both services, your home’s lights, security system, temperature, and doors all automatically activate and are controlled based on your car’s location. For example, driving away from your home would cause your thermostat and lights to turn off, doors to lock, and the security system to turn on. Driving home adjusts your thermostat and lighting to your preference, making your home comfortable and ready for your return.

2. One App for Everything — By having a single unified platform, consumers could easily control and monitor data for both their smart car and home using one application. The two environments would connect, displaying your car diagnostics and driver data alongside your home’s information all within your dashboard or in one mobile app. Such streamlining eliminates the need for multiple interfaces. Thanks to the iControl OpenHome Program, updates, devices, and additional applications are easily introduced from the marketplace into one central hub and could easily be pushed out to your home and car.

3. Trending Activity — Both Zubie and iControl can develop ways to learn trends in user activity and share them between services and environments. For instance, based on a user’s driving behavior, iControl’s energy management services would learn your normal work and stay-at-home hours, adjust your thermostat and lighting accordinging, which provides an automated solution to reduce peak energy usage.

4. Connected Services & Alerts — iControl currently monitors when events occur along with family members’ activities, such as when an elderly person has taken the day’s medications, or has left the premises. Zubie tells a user not just the cause of the “check engine” light or other trouble alerts, but offers useful tips and nearby repair estimates. Now imagine how easily an alert could be sent to the closest family member on the road with tips and recommendations when an emergency event occurs at home.

5. Your Media Everywhere — For many consumers, connected media is the holy grail of any smart home. The ideal connected home media environment integrates all of your media around your identity and makes it accessible from any device. Zubie and iControl both have yet to venture into the media sector, but they could potentially develop a solution to tap into your home media collection, making it easily accessible to drivers. Video and audio playlists could be personalized based on who is driving and where they are going, such as “Dad Taking Kids to School.”

The possibilities seem endless, and it still remains to be seen what Zubie and iControl will roll out together. One thing for certain is that the alliance of both leaders of smart car and home technologies will create an awesome connected experience for consumers.


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