Zubie Introduces Trip Tagging & Launches Fleet Monitoring Solution

Two new rollouts were recently announced from connected-car service provider ZubieTrip Tagging for consumers and Zubie Business fleet monitoring solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Both enhancements make tracking mileage for business and personal use hassle free while increasing accuracy.


Zubie Trip Tagging

Trip Tagging automates the time-consuming, cumbersome process of tracking mileage for tax or expense reporting. It enables customers to easily identify driving activity as personal or business, logs the miles, and provides a clear, simple tax-filing back-up report. This newest product enhancement is available through both the iTunes and Google Play apps stores.

Zubie uses a smart device to plug directly into the car’s On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port, and capture and deliver valuable vehicle and driving data. The new Trip Tagging feature complements existing Zubie features including location tracking, driver behaviors/patterns, vehicle health and alerts, and more.

Available for all Zubie customers, Trip Tagging enables users to easily and quickly access their trips within the app and “tag” them as business, personal or some other designation. Mileage is automatically calculated for every trip. Because Zubie caches all trips, users can go in and tag trips at their convenience—on a daily or weekly basis, or any other frequency of their choosing. Customers will receive an annual report summarizing their trip history with calculated mileage, complete with tax-filing friendly backup for deducting mileage. Additionally, Zubie automatically calculates the fuel costs associated with each trip using EPA data specific to each car type and the fuel costs in the region.

“Our new Trip Tagging feature has clear and definitive benefits for both individuals and businesses,” said Zubie CEO Tim Kelly. “Whether you’re a sole proprietor whose car is a vital part of your business, or someone who has an occasional need to track mileage when using a personal car for work, it’s a simple, pain-free way of tracking. Trip Tagging is one more way we are helping our customers maximize the rich data available from their cars.”

Similar to Trip Tagging, Zubie’s Business fleet monitoring solution also uses a smart device, that plugs directly into the car’s On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port, to capture and delivers valuable vehicle and driving data. This newly launched fleet monitoring solution enables businesses to leverage that technology in ways that meet the unique needs of companies that operate a small number of vehicles and drivers. Zubie’s solution also costs roughly half of competing fleet solutions on a per car basis and has the added benefit of no installation costs or hassles.

The Zubie Business solution uses Zubie’s core AlwaysSmart™ (always on and always connected) device and a newly-designed web and tablet user experience that is tailored for fleet monitoring and analytics. It works on both iPad and Android tablets. The AlwaysSmart technology allows fully autonomous monitoring of vehicle location, activity and diagnostics, without requiring any driver interaction, and continues even while parked. Features such as engine diagnostics, vehicle maintenance, fuel cost calculations, and enhanced driver safety will deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies for customers.

“This solution is ideal for any small to mid-size business with fleet cars,” said Kelly. “The owners and leaders of these companies are deeply invested in the safety of their drivers and minimizing operational costs, but they are put off by the costs and installation complexities of traditional fleet solutions. Zubie presents a much more compelling option for them that is significantly less expensive, can be installed in seconds and provides the iPhone-age user experience that they’re used to.”

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