Bublish Launches Subscription-Based Marketing Suite for Authors

What happens when authors and entrepreneurism merge into one? They become “authorpreneurs,” who have blended writing with selling in order to become successful authors. Here to support this hybrid is Charleston startup Bublish—the only cloud-based platform that provides a complete social marketing and digital publishing solution for independent authors. With today’s crowded book marketplace, this platform couldn’t have come at a better time.

Bublish recently announced the beta launch for its subscription-based marketing suite that authors can use to find, engage and grow their audience. Emerging authors are given access to free promotion of their first book and authorpreneurs can sign up for special early adopter pricing through the cleverly named authorpreneur dashboard.




Publishers are more reluctant to publish new authors than ever before because they lack an audience and the publishing houses aren’t generally as willing to take the risks they once did. Bublish helps solve this problem by allowing business savvy independent authors from around the globe create a following for themselves and their work by meeting their brand building and marketing needs early on during their writing process.

“The success cycle for today’s authors must begin as they are writing their book. This is when engagement and pre-sales need to start. No one likes to launch their book into silence,” said Kathy Meis, founder of Bublish. “The Bublish authorpreneur dashboard is designed to support authors at every stage of their writing career. Bublish’s new feature-set will empower authors with the tools, metrics, and resources they need to become successful long-term marketers of their work and brand.”

The beta version will provide the ability to upload up to five books, create a public author profile and monitor social metrics. Bublish intends to rapidly add additional features during the beta phase, such as eBook creation tools, pre-launch sales tools, writer’s resources and a branding widget.

Once independent writers have built a powerful author brand for themselves using the Bublish platform, they can break through the noise and absorb readers into their work. By learning how to understand who their audience is, they’ll learn what resonates best in order to capture them. Once readers start engaging with a particular author’s work, they become brand advocates and spread the word. This cycle leads to powerful word-of-mouth recommendations, long-tail sales, and a more recognizable brand when authors go to publish their next book.

The heart of the Bublish Platform is the book bubble. With Bublish’s easy-to-use interface, authors can create bubbles in seconds to promote their work to readers across multiple social channels. These highly sharable book excerpts include an author insight that tells the “story behind the story.” A book bubble is like a director’s cut for books. Authors can also sell their work through their book bubbles via major eBook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Building a personal brand can seem a daunting task to authors who would much rather focus on their craft than worry about marketing. Bublish simplifies this process for them, allowing them to easily build a dynamic personal brand by driving traffic to their website through improved SEO, an increased digital footprint, and engaging new readers in conversations about their work through storytelling, direct book sales from the book bubbles, and informative analytics and exclusive resources, programs and deals.

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