5 New Companies Accepted into SC Launch Program


Five new companies have been accepted as client companies this month into the SCRA Technology Ventures’ SC Launch Program. Contributing to advancing the Knowledge Economy throughout South Carolina and creating jobs, SCRA Technology Ventures helps innovative companies grow and develop new technologies. This SCRA business sector provides support and mentoring through its flagship SC Launch Program to early stage, start-up technology companies.

Snapcastr – Charleston


Snapcastr, whose mission is to turn digital media into human experiences, is used by the South Carolina Stingrays (Charleston’s minor league hockey team), at Charleston Fashion week and at the Dig South conference. It has a business-to-business software platform for event managers that encourages audience engagement and boosts social media participation, maximizing digital presence and interaction. They engage the audience by elevating them from spectators to participants by boosting social media activity and giving them a chance to play an active role in shaping the identity of the event.

BarberWind – Greenville


BarberWind Turbines, LLC is a groundbreaking wind technology company that designs, manufactures, constructs and maintains wind energy assets. Formed in 2010, their 800kW wind turbine can fit into five semi-trucks and can be assembled on site. No crane is needed to assemble, which means turbines can be used in very remote locations. BarberWind’s attention to detail and design make their turbines cost effective, more productive, more transportable and more environmentally friendly than their competitors. The company is currently contracted with a manufacturer in Colorado to manufacture the BWT 800kW prototype, which is expected to be complete later this year, followed by on-going operational testing. It looks forward to beginning full-scale production upon completion of the BWT prototype.

ActivEd – Greenville

ActivEd is an educational technology company marketing an innovative, movement-based platform that accelerates learning while improving health. They focus on sharing the health, economic, and environmental benefits of trading up from commuting by car to walking or biking instead. Their products are based on fifteen years of research examining the connections between movement and academic achievement, cognitive ability and health. ActivEd recognizes that children have differentiated learning styles and need movement opportunities to learn effectively. The company’s innovative technology delivers that through a platform that’s easy for teachers to use, simple for them to align with curriculum requirements and ideal for them to address the diverse learning styles of their students.

TerraStride – Columbia


TerraStride designs and produces map-based software for high-value niche markets. They currently have two distinct product lines: TerraStride Pro, a land brokerage software, and HuntStand, a next generation hunting and land management software package. Upon release, the HuntStand Lite app was the second most downloaded new free sports app on the Google play store and the fourth most downloaded sports app on the Apple app store. It has been downloaded over 55,000 times. With a high value on conserving the environment throughout the United States and the world, TerraStride’s products supports holistic land, game, and habitat management, as well as sustainable forestry. Its software is designed to help people, explore, manage, and market property in a responsible and meaningful way.

Electronic Health Network – Columbia


Electronic Health Network (EHN) created its first product, the HealthStik—a Personal Health Record (PHR) secured on an USB Biometric Flash Drive that provided instant access to a consumer health record—in 2007. They quickly discovered that although it was beloved by consumers and providers, the infrastructure was not in place to support the product and changing that fact became their new mission. Their innovations now give health organizations, payers and public health agencies the ability to securely share patient’s protected health regardless of electronic medical record software, location, size or complexity of operations. Their technology and business model increases revenues, improves the quality of care, reduces expenditures and saves lives, all while meeting new federal mandates.

Since 2006, SCRA has deployed over $79 million in funding and infrastructure to support over 280 high-tech, early-stage enterprises and has directly invested over $18 million in South Carolina start-ups, attracting over $260 million in private investment.

SCRA Technology Ventures also supports commercialization and growth by facilitating the transfer of intellectual property and accelerating the transition of inventions to the marketplace. Additionally, SCRA Technology Ventures invests in more established technology companies through its Stage 2 affiliate.

Multiple economic impact studies show SCRA’s cumulative output on South Carolina’s economy to be over $15.3 billion, and that the company has helped create approximately 15,000 technology-related jobs in the state, with annual wages averaging between $55,000 and $77,000.


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