Harbor Entrepreneur Center Announces 7 Startups Selected for CoHort 2

harbor-accelerator-c2-logoRound 2 of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center’s Accelerator Program has officially begun. The 14-week program at Charleston’s local business accelerator follows on the heels of its first successful run from January to April earlier this year. The program provides startups with entrepreneur mentorship, free workspace, curriculum sessions, and other valuable resources and support to grow quickly, test the market quickly, and become viable.

Seven startups have been accepted into CoHort 2 after an extensive application process:

Shuga Bébé Couture – a company specializing in innovatively designed nursing pillows to aid with nursing, bottle-feeding and holding infants without causing unneeded muscle strain. Shuga Bébé Couture’s swaddling infant bodysuits keep those “helping” little hands out of the way during diaper changes making it quick, easy and mess free.

Bidr – a silent auction platform that eliminates the hand written bids and manual moderation of silent auctions with its mobile technology by giving event organizers the ability to accept and manage bids via text messaging. The Bidr dashboard makes setting up an auction completely automated – from generated item information cards to pre-filled tax forms.

Hail Point – an online service that leverages the latest meteorological data and analysis techniques to produce the most useful information about hail and hail damage. Hail Point provides hail mapping and analytics for roofers, insurance companies, or anyone else who wants to know at an address-specific level where hail has hit.

Bunk-R-Bed – a travel-friendly bed designed and engineered to provide an ultra versatile personal enclosure designed for an indoor bed yet is strong enough for the outdoors elements. Engineered to be lightweight and durable, Bunk-R-Bed packs effortlessly and travels well to instantly provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment in virtually any application.

OpsAssure – a SaaS checklist application designed to improve workflow processes, reduce inefficiencies and provide real¬-time feedback. OpsAssure provides the ability to run your business efficiently while supplying an effective mechanism for managing tasks. It is the perfect solution for healthcare providers, service companies, retailers, franchisees, and businesses seeking to increase accountability and ensure consistent execution of routine tasks.

BlokRok – a patented device that revolutionizes lotion application by allowing users to apply sunscreen without getting hands messy. The BlokRok reusable and refillable applicator eliminates the mess and waste associated with conventional sun lotion application methods.

WorkAway – an online platform that connects people, spaces, ideas, and projects – allowing people to find workspace options anywhere, at any time. WorkAway aggregates the vast temporary work/meeting spaces (coworking spaces and offices with idle or unused space) for the paralleled growing number of space needers (entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote and traveling workers), creating an online marketplace at the heart of the collaborative economy. Think AirBnb meets LinkedIn meets Foursquare, for workspace.

After graduating, the teams will compete in a pitch event to investors at Sottile Theatre on October 30th. More information about the startups along with their contact information can be found at here.

The Harbor Entrepreneur Center (H.E.C.) creates collision throughout the entrepreneur community of Charleston. The organization provides business owners the ultimate catalyst to launch their business to the next level. H.E.C. offers an accelerator for startups, a propel program to assist a business that is not quite innovative enough to qualify for the Accelerator, a forum for established entrepreneurs, coworking space and events to engage the entire Charleston business community.

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