PeopleMatter CEO Nate DaPore: Gettin’ Mobile With It

Nate DaPore, founder and CEO of PeopleMatter, shares with Silicon Harbor Magazine the impact mobile devices have played on our lives. PeopleMatter launched their 6-minute mobile assessment for applicants earlier this month, and their complete set of mobile workforce solutions and business analytics tools connect processes, employees and customers in entirely new ways. PeopleMatter is a venture-backed, workforce management software company headquartered in Charleston, SC. It helps more than 41,000 service-industry locations thrive through better efficiency, engagement and customer satisfaction.

Mobile. It’s more than a buzzword these days. It’s a way of life. Sure it’s nice to take a vacation from your phone when you’re on vacation, but for the daily grind, that sucker is by us at all times…literally. In fact, 44 percent of us have our phones on the nightstand in case someone tries to get a hold of us while we’re sleeping. * And, even when our phones aren’t ringing or vibrating, 67 percent of us are still checking it! * There’s even a term for it – phantom phone vibration syndrome. Guilty as charged.

The reality is, for some time now, our mobile devices have been driving fundamental change in the way we interact with our significant other, friends, family and coworkers. The folks at Apple were on to something when they said, “There’s an app for that” some six years ago. They saw that fundamental change happening and knew it was the ticket to hooking people. And, boy, did they hook us.

Why are we so obsessed with our smartphones? Because they just make life so darn easy. So much of what we need to do to get through the day is right there at our fingertips. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a life without texts, email and social media on the go. It’s also hard to imagine life without all the apps that let us do everything from check the weather and our bank account to stream Spotify and hunt down Uber.

It won’t be long before your customers and team members expect the same level of mobility from your business. Just last month, PeopleMatter launched its mobile job application. We knew it would be a hit, but we were blown away by what a hit it has actually been. Already, we’re seeing that nearly a quarter of job applications processed through PeopleMatter are being filled out on a mobile device! That alone is proof that the need is there. And it’s up to you to fulfill that need.

We’re all looking for ways to increase our applicant pool. Why limit yourself to getting five applicants for an open position when you could have 50? With a mobile job application, candidates no longer have to wait until they’re home on a computer to apply. They can do it as soon as they see the “We’re Hiring” sign on your front door, drive-thru or job board. We humans like instant gratification, and a mobile job app gives us just that.

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Millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) are the fastest growing demographic of employees, and they want to be able to do everything on their mobile device. And it’s not enough for it to be an “okay” experience. points out – 40 percent of mobile candidates abandon the job application process any time there’s a problem or if it’s non-mobile friendly. That’s a lot! If those people are taking the time to apply, we employers need to take the time to make sure they have a great experience.

So let’s say a mobile job application helps you to quickly fill your applicant pool. Lots of applicants to choose from is a good thing, but finding the time to sort through all of those applications can be tough. We all know what it’s like to have an open position that needed to be filled well, like yesterday.

The problem with hiring the first person who walks in the door is that yes, maybe he or she has the basic skills required, but is that person actually a good fit for the position, your company and your culture? If not, you’ll end up paying for that bad hire over and over through the time, money and resources it takes to recruit, hire, train and develop someone new. That’s what I call a waste of your business’s hard-earned-money. Get it right the first time, and you’ll save yourself from the headache and hole in your pocket.

Keep in mind, though, getting it right the first time isn’t about looking more closely at a resume or going with your gut. It’s about measuring a candidate’s personality, attitude and cognitive skills. Just a few weeks ago, we launched our brand new 6-minute mobile assessments. They provide the same great scientifically-backed results as the online version, but they help cut down on your drop-off rate. With a 6-minute assessment, your candidates are a lot less likely to be interrupted or lose cell service. Smartphones are the new personal computers, and we get that.

On average, PeopleMatter assesses about 22,000 candidates a week. This week, a quarter of those are taking the assessments on their mobile device instead of their personal computers. To implement hiring practices that are mobile friendly says something about your company. It says, “We get that you’re busy. We get that your smartphone or tablet is more convenient than your computer.” It also shows you’re ahead of the curve – you’re making the task of finding a job a lot easier, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

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So go ahead, start gettin’ mobile with it. You have nothing to lose but great candidates.

*Based on 2014 Pew Research Center study

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