Stanfield Gray: Dig South, Silicon Harbor Welcome Center & Shindig

stangray-podcastDig South is entering its third year and is designed to spotlight the Digital and Creative economies of the Southeast. The festival is held each Spring in Charleston, South Carolina, but its scope extends beyond the local Charleston market and is complemented by a variety of year-round activities and events.

Last year’s festival drew over 5000 attendees from across the US and featured over 200 presenters, and nearly 20 musical acts. Dig South 2015 promises to be even bigger and bolder. The 2015 Program is being announced at the Silicon Harbor Shindig on October 3. The Shindig also represents a celebration of the Charleston Metro Technology scene and the launch of Dig South’s Silicon Harbor Welcome Center.

In this podcast, we are joined by the Founder and CEO of Dig South, Stanfield Gray, to talk with us about Dig South, the Silicon Harbor Welcome Center and Shindig, “Succeeding in the South,” and more.

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