CSHR Casting Call: Are You Silicon Harbor’s Hottest Startup?

cshr-castingcallY’all still reeling from Southern Charm shame? Let’s rethink reality TV and use its powers to promote the cutting edge world we live in here in Silicon Harbor. We have new tech startups popping up daily, angel investors dying to say yes and really talented people doing really cool stuff here right in our very own backyard. Check out the hype at siliconharborreality.com

Charleston Silicon Harbor Reality (CSHR) is a series designed to showcase Silicon Harbor, the technical and entrepreneurial scene flourishing here in the Lowcountry. You ask why? Why not?

CSHR co-hosts Gavin McCulley, Managing Partner for Twin Rivers Holdings, and John Smith, CEO for Break the Equation, will highlight the vast tech talent here in Charleston from both an angel investment and culture development perspectives. These two evangelists will dive into Charleston’s potential, share tips for budding entrepreneurs, and show you how to get the right people into the right roles.

Brought to you by Executive Producers LeeAnne Scalley, CEO for OneinaMil, and Rebecca Howard, CEO of SocialMIE, CSHR targets local startups and companies that are putting Charleston on the map for innovative technology.

The mission is simple – draw national attention to Silicon Harbor and keep the momentum going. Continue to create competitive paying jobs and attract the world’s best talent here to Charleston!

Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have one of the hottest startups here locally? Let’s talk. We are currently holding casting calls for CSHR starting January 30th!

If your idea is what’s next for innovation, we want to hear from you. Send an outline of your game plan to Pickme@siliconharborreality.com, and we’ll loop back with you for an audition. Keep an entertainment element in mind – be genuine, stay crisp, have fun! Extra points will be awarded for wit… Inspire us, and we’ll work to get you front and center.

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