Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie – Don’t Take it Personal


Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie

On this episode of The Pitch Deck, we welcome Tim Kelly, the CEO of Zubie. Zubie is a Charleston-based company that has created an innovative cellular connected hardware solution for the auto industry. As CEO, Tim was brought in to take control of the company and technology to develop the product as well as come up with a strategy for taking Zubie concept and making it profitable. Under Tim’s leadership, Zubie has gained the backing of several blue chip investors such as Nokia Growth Partners, OPENAIR Equity Partners, BP Capital Management and InnoVentures Capital Partners. Tim shares how he developed their expansion plan and pinpointed potential investors. Join us to find out how you too can develop your pitch that will help you raise funds for your business and continues its growth.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

• Tim’s unconventional journey to success with Zubie.

• Tim’s #1 lesson for maximizing your relationship with your investor.

• The innovative way that Zubie is changing the auto maintenance industry.

• Tim’s strategic reason for choosing each of his investors.

• An exciting new announcement for Zubie.

• Tim’s two-sided process for selecting his investors.

• 4 things you need to accomplish in your pitch.

Featured On The Show:


Nokia Growth Partners

OPENAIR Equity Partners

BP Capital Management

InnoVentures Capital Partners

In Search of Captain Zero by Allan Weisbecker

• Laird Hamilton


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