OneinaMil Launches A Complete Solution for Startups

The Silicon Harbor is rising and the number of startups planting a seed in Charleston is growing at a rapid pace. Charleston is now one of the most innovative, forward thinking tech hubs across America. To help support this entrepreneurial movement, OneinaMil is rolling out StartUp Solution, a plan to help startups take advantage of the many resources the city has to offer. They’ve partnered with independent contractors to compile what they call a dream team of consultants to help startups launch their business. The intent is to serve as an interim solution while startups focus on bigger fish and smarter hires.

As an early player in Silicon Harbor, OneinaMil CEO, Lee-Anne Scalley noticed the same struggle constantly derailing startups—the details. These fringe tasks are critical for scaling, but are not a central part of the mission, which means they often fall off the to-do list because the current team doesn’t have the expertise, time, or resources to tackle these necessary evils. She wants to help startups close any skill gaps they have within their core team.

You may be a technical rock star or a product guru, but what about recruiting, accounting, or HR? Are you prepared to manage all the daily details of your startup? “I often see startups making snap hiring decisions to put out a fire or fill an immediate need. The problem here is that this newbie is likely to become part of your leadership team,” says Scalley. “As equity is a common bargaining chip, now you just tacked on a part-owner without dating or doing your homework.”


Lee-Anne Scalley, CEO of OneinaMil

Scalley herself admits to battling the detail demons before getting smart about outsourcing. Her own headaches and heartbreaks inspired her to gather the troops for a startup solution to result in her “shared success” mindset.

“Most entrepreneurs are beyond talented, but they try to do it all,” says Scalley. “You begin to wear so many different hats, that you end up losing focus and half-assing everything. This approach can really stall your startup’s growth. I get it, and I’ve been there, but outsourcing what sucks the life out of you will give you back the time and sanity to focus on what really matters—scaling your business.”

If you have a gap, you will eventually need to fill it. But out of the starting gate your team needs to focus on developing your products and service, nurturing partnerships, and earning revenue. Your team should focus on your core competencies, not on these side tasks.

Outsourcing to professional consultants or groups is a great step to take while growing your business. OneinaMil’s Startup Solution gathers these professionals into one place, making it easy for you to choose whom to work with.
Before deciding what needs outsourced, consider which tasks are costing you and your team the most time and energy. By sending these services out of house, you save on the highest business costs of all — staffing. Below are ideal categories for outsourcing, as featured in Entrepreneur.

Expertise. You may not need to pay a CFO’s salary, but you could have an highly skilled individual come in a few times each month to check on your books and financial strategy to ensure you’re on the right track, or correct your course.

Repetitive. The minutia that makes your employees bang their heads against the wall, such as accounts payable, data entry, or inventory.

Specialized. A specific skill-set such as marketing or personal branding—you may not need or be able to afford a full-time employee, but could use some help today.

Today outsourcing services at OneinaMil include:
Accounting – Financial planning, billing, and strategy specific to startups
Development – Software as a service
FSO Services – Trained and certified to process your security clearances
Human Resources – Employment laws, processes and procedures
Legal – Pour through legalese and fine print to keep you covered
Marketing – Social Media, PR, and Branding
Recruiting – Talent placement and onboarding
Sales – Overall strategy and inside sales support

“We have a special love for startups and entrepreneurial ventures,” says OIAM, Mary Beth Henderson, Marketing Consultant. “It is our goal to put Silicon Harbor on the map one solid startup at a time.”

The mission is simple – shared success in Silicon Harbor, which will only be made possible by thriving startups and entrepreneurs. Learn more about the StartUp Solution. OneinaMil also wants to hear from you. If you have any recommendations for additional outsourcing services, send in your suggestions here.

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