Snapcastr Introduces Major Updates

When we last covered Snapcastr, they were fresh off the success of their app’s use at DIG SOUTH and Charleston Fashion Week. At both events, the organizers used Snapcastr to aggregate content from Twitter and Instagram in real time, then project a live feed of guests’ photos and comments. Since then, Snapcastr’s product has gone through a major transformation. While the goal of “turning digital media into real experiences” remains the same, the company has replaced their app with a no-downloads-necessary platform.

Snapcastr now harnesses the power of the Hashtag to collect content from across social media channels, allowing the brand to hand pick the very best content and display it on any device, anywhere at any time.  This could be on a flat-screen TV, projection screens or even jumbotrons.

Snapcastr also has new templates with plenty of options to incorporate sponsors and advertisers, allowing commercial event organizers to monetize their event stream. Rob Concannon, owner of the South Carolina Stingrays hockey team, has already found value in these features.

He says, “We’re extremely excited to have Snapcastr as a partner for the upcoming season—we were able to bring on a new corporate partner to sponsor the social feed during the game so the ROI is already impressive.” The sponsor integration within the stream presents a new channel for advertisers to get their product in front of an engaged and potentially large audience.

In order to keep event attendees excited about using the product, Snapcastr has added new features like live Twitter polling.


They have also introduced leaderboards, which lets organizers feature the top contributors and influencers on the live feed. The feature adds an element of incentive-based posting that gets guests to actively promote the event via the event hashtag on their social media channels.


After the event, all of the aggregated content is available in an online social gallery.


Real-time analytics allow for measurement of fan engagement impact based on their conversations, top influencers both during and after the event, and social growth.


While events typically generate a spike in user traffic, Snapcastr wants to extend this spike into a pre- and post-event plateau that maximizes the impact of attendees’ interaction. The social gallery is also a great post-event promotional tool for organizers and their sponsors.

While there are other competitors in this space, Snapcastr’s edge is in their easy-to-use platform, beautiful visualizations, and their interactive features that serve both sponsors and attendees. By eliminating unnecessary features from their enterprise competitors, Snapcastr can offer much of the same capability at a significantly more budget-friendly price.

Snapcastr was invited to join the investment and business support program at SCRA Technology Ventures’ flagship SC Launch program, which provides guidance and resources for potential growth companies. With a strong competitive edge and support from the SCRA team, Snapcastr has already attracted high-profile clients outside of Charleston including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Wake Forest University, Fox Movie Studios and the Firefly Music Festival. Cofounder and CEO, Brian Tice, was also featured on MSNBC’s “Your Business” segment earlier this year. For more information, please visit

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