Zubie Introduces Contextual Analytics To Power Usage-based Insurance Solutions

Connected car provider Zubie has introduced a suite of contextual analytics to power usage-based insurance solutions. The new features will deliver deeper insights around driver behavior and profiles.

Zubie provides customized, proven telematics solutions for industry leaders in the insurance, automotive and wireless sectors. The company’s solution delivers rich data and analytics to help make driving safer, easier and less expensive. The Zubie service uses its always-on cellular-based technology to connect a car to the cloud via the Zubie Key, a device that plugs into the car’s On-Board Diagnostics port.

zubie-contextualZubie’s newest capabilities will unify traditional usage-based insurance data with more extensive information about how vehicles are being driven.

The features will be available for users and enterprise partners in the coming months and consist of three components:

The Place Match feature uses driving patterns to automatically identify frequent destinations such as work, home, school, etc.

The Driver Match feature uses past driving activity and phone-based user location to infer the driver for each trip in a multi-car, multi-driver family or small business fleet.

Speed analytics incorporate actual posted speed limits from roadways ranging from highways to local roads, and provide visual summaries of major and minor speeding relative to the limits.

“Context is an important dimension in taking telematics and usage-based insurance to the next level,” said Tim Kelly, Zubie Chief Executive Officer. “Having deeper information on driving behavior – such as the actual speed limits of the road where a speeding event may have occurred, or the nature of the trip – provides a more complete picture for consideration by our insurance partners and other enterprise clients.”

Zubie was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, SC. The company recently won the “2015 Best Insurance Telematics Product” award from TU Automotive.

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