VAGA Launches VAGASPACE Popup Coworking

Charleston-based startup VĀGA, a remote working platform that connects workers with workspaces—like Airbnb for office space—has launched its VĀGASPACE popup coworking series in unique spaces and locations around the city.

VĀGASPACE popups aim to build a community for digital nomads, freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, and remote workers to work in creative and productive environments where sharing ideas and inspirations is as important as sharing workspaces—all the while allowing companies and unique locations to show off their space and business.

VĀGA organizes two VĀGASPACE popups a month, each in a new and unique location. Each popup coworking day will have a Guest Expert who will give a short “coffee talk” on a useful topic or expertise. The Guest Expert will also be available for “Office Hours” to offer insight to your own career and/or business objectives. Each popup coworking day typically includes a creative workspace, Wi-Fi, coffee, Guest Expert office hours, networking opportunities, and Happy Hour. The admission costs just $2 as a suggested donation. People can pop in and work where there’s a spot, for an hour or all day, as they like.

Featured guest experts include individuals with a relevant background for the coworking community such as in software development, graphic design, accounting, social technology, small business law, and more.


VAGASPACE Popup Coworking featuring Joel Sadler at GreenBy3.

VĀGA hosted its inaugural VĀGASPACE on October 9 at the unique headquarters of Greenby3, a commercial construction and renovation project management company in Charleston. The meetup featured Joel Sadler, entrepreneur and product manager at Telogical Systems who delivered his presentation: Making Friends is the New Networking.

“The event was a hit—I was very pleased with the fruitful connections made amongst the guests and seeing so many new faces,” said VAGA founder Kerranna Williamson, “There’s definitely a larger ‘work from home’ community than most people are aware of in Charleston. And everyone is so eager to connect and collaborate—it was great to see it in action! The energy is really great.”

Having worked remotely for most of her career she ran into a problem: no matter where in the world she was located, it was incredibly inconvenient to find a short term work space. Williamson was motivated to tackle this universal problem among remote workers and companies needing short term space during times of fast growth. While studying the impact of the growing freelance economy on commercial real estate (during her MBA at EMLYON in France), the seed was planted for VĀGA, a workspace-sharing platform designed to bring workers to the space they need anytime, anywhere.

Williamson has been traveling around the United States for the last six months to expand the remote workspace network for the VĀGA platform, working with ambassadors in growing cities such as Omaha, Raleigh, etc. She is now back in Charleston and ready to launch the VĀGASPACE series as a way to build a community around the unique spaces.

“We are building a coworking community where sharing ideas and inspirations is as important as sharing workspace,” she said. “The objective is to build a mechanism where working from anywhere is easier and more productive, and to create an environment where people can grow in their personal and business goals through collaboration and community.”


Qonceptual hosted second VAGASPACE Popup Coworking.

The second VĀGASPACE Popup Coworking took place on October 23, hosted at Qonceptual in Mount Pleasant, SC. Qonceptual is a software development shop specializing in Mobile Apps, API, and Enterprise Web Application development.

Interested in showing off your space? Become a VĀGASPACE host and show off what your business does, make announcements about upcoming events/details relevant to your business, and connect with coworkers from your community.

Companies can sign up to host a VĀGASPACE Popup Coworking day HERE.

To be a Guest Expert at a future popup coworking event, sign up HERE.

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