PeopleMatter PERFORM Transforms Performance Management

Charleston-based workforce software firm PeopleMatter announced the availability of its innovative performance management solution, PeopleMatter PERFORM™. The new advanced tools automate many aspects of the performance management process, from conducting performance evaluations to providing meaningful feedback and creating employee development plans.

Introduced at PeopleMatter’s annual Collaborate ’15 user conference, PERFORM was created to give employers a simplified approach to performance management while delivering high visibility into employee performance to drive continuous improvement.

By automating the steps involved in the performance management process, including creating evaluations, providing meaningful feedback and delivering insight to managers, PERFORM makes it easier to measure performance, improve staff engagement and drive productivity.


Provide meaningful feedback

“Switching from manual, paper-based performance reviews to PeopleMatter’s easy-to-use, online evaluations is saving us, on average, a minimum of 30 minutes per team member,” said Michelle Davis, training specialist for Flash Foods. “With more than 1,500 employees, we are easily going to save at least 750 hours a year by switching to PERFORM.”


Maximize potential

Through its centralized platform, PERFORM provides companies with easy access to everything necessary to conduct effective performance reviews and give employees the tools and support they need to be successful in their roles. PERFORM maximizes potential by aligning company needs with team members’ goals. Real-time dashboards and scorecards let leaders analyze top and bottom performers, pinpoint the skills they need to move up, and identify who’s the best fit for specific positions.

“What’s so great about PeopleMatter PERFORM™ is the fact that it will allow employers to systematize team member recognition and appreciation, giving every employee a chance to have a real career path. That alone is critical to enabling engagement in organizations,” said Kevin Kruse, New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker at Collaborate ’15.


Build your leadership bench

Key features of PERFORM include:

• Real-time dashboards, reports and search tools: enable employee performance to be monitored at the individual, job, store and company levels.
• Goal-setting: automatically incorporate goals into the evaluation process and enable both supervisors and employees to review and comment on them as needed.
• Unique single or multiple-layer approval workflows: ensure an adequate level of documentation for evaluations.
• Simplified 5-star rating scales: allow for job performance to be analyzed quickly and compared, sorted and ranked consistently across the company.
• Customization: tailor everything from skill competencies and evaluation forms to review schedules and career paths to align the entire process to a company’s specific needs.

According to a study by Deloitte on performance management, only 10 percent of HR leaders believe that performance management is an effective use of their time and just over half (56 percent) believe that it positively affects employee engagement and performance.

“Companies all over the world complain that their performance management processes are broken — they don’t measure the right things, they aren’t conducted regularly enough and they don’t mean anything to employees or employers,” said Nate DaPore, President and CEO of PeopleMatter. “Now, with access to PERFORM, those same companies can take advantage of a streamlined review process that provides meaningful feedback to maximize individual and business potential. Our customers already have experienced tremendous success, with one organization saving $298,000 on annual recruitment costs by using the solution to identify high performers and promote leaders from within.”

PeopleMatter will dig deeper into performance management – how to measure it, boost employee engagement, and drive real business results – at its Collaborate ’16 conference, May 4-6 in Charleston, SC. Click here to register with early bird pricing.

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