Financial Wellness Platform Questis Closes $2.8M Funding Round

Charleston-based Questis — an HR tech startup providing financial wellness to employers and employees using software and credentialed advisors — closed its angel investor debt financing round of $2.8M. The funding was led by investors within the Charleston area including Capital A Partners.

Questis helps employees make sense of their finances by bringing together personalized coaching and leading-edge technology—backed by a science-based, academic approach to portfolio management and financial planning. The firm streamlines financial wellness by measuring behaviors, setting goals and automating investing. More than managing your employees’ 401(k), Questis guides them along every step of the financial journey—making a budget, banking, creating a globally diversified portfolio, estate planning, asset allocation in their retirement accounts, and more.

Watch the video overview:

Questis has used its funding to develop Financial HR – a SaaS product that gives employers the power to prevent personal finances from negatively affecting the workplace or taking up the time of HR.

Here’s how it works:

• Employers are provided with their own dashboard providing insight on the financial health of their employees as a whole.

• Understanding the needs of the entire company allows HR directors to make good decisions about what benefits will help their employees.

• Benefits and policy decisions based off of actionable data give HR the power to improve their employees’ lives, increasing employee engagement.

With beta testing for Financial HR complete, Questis will now drive the product into its primary market of companies with a focus on culture, employee engagement, and high performance.

“The market has confirmed our hypothesis again and again, so all that’s left is to get the word out. We are excited to move the product forward and get exposure”, said Steve Wilbourne, CEO of Questis.

Questis’s next steps will be scaling the product, driving sales, and moving into an A Round of financing from venture capital firms.

The A Round money will be used to continue development of the product and support the marketing and sales plan.

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