CrowdReach Launches Beta Platform That Simplifies Crowd Communication

Charleston-based startup CrowdReach has launched the beta version of its communication platform that simplifies how businesses and organizations reach their crowds.

CrowdReach allows users to craft, edit, schedule and send a message via e-mail, text and social media —all from one centralized web or mobile platform.

The application is ideal for small businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, allowing them to effectively communicate with their customers, supporters and members.

Watch the video:

“CrowdReach allows users to control both the message and the medium,” said Trey Rust, CEO of CrowdReach. “Reaching people the way they want to be reached with targeted messages without the hassle of multiple communication platforms helps organizations increase their efficiency and results.”

Rust was inspired to create CrowdReach for organizations without the time or technical expertise to manage robust e-mail marketing and social media strategies.

Through CrowdReach, organizations can easily send real-time promotions and other forms of social-engaging content to a segmented list across multiple channels.

Messages can be easily adapted per social media channel; you can shorten your message for Twitter or add different hashtags for Instagram on the fly.

Users can also select specific recipients within a group or radius and schedule the post for a later time.

During Charleston Fashion Week March 15–19, bloggers participated in an exclusive preview of the CrowdReach mobile application to interact with followers and report on events as they unfold. The platform will be available in the coming months.

Organizations can register to participate in CrowdReach’s beta program by contacting

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