SyntaxCon To Be Southeast’s Premier Code Gathering


Passionate about mobile, front-end or back-end development? Want to connect with local and national rock star developers? Then SyntaxCon is the place for you this May. A full stack developer’s conference focused on current and emerging solutions, SyntaxCon offers ongoing education and networking among the developer community in a language and platform agnostic format.

Harbormark, curator of inspiring experiences for creatives and makers through events like Revolve Conference and Refresh Charleston, will host the inaugural Syntax Code Craft Convention (SyntaxCon) May 6–7 at College of Charleston’s North Campus. It brings together nearly 40 speakers from both around the country and locally who excel in front and back-end development, mobile development, game development, content management systems, cloud hosted services, and infrastructure.

tom-wilsonThe word ‘syntax’ is to a programmer what ‘grammar’ is to a linguist – the set of rules and principles that define the combinations of symbols that are considered to be a correctly structured document or fragment in a language. For a developer, this represents source code.

“SyntaxCon is a regional conference focused on the craft of code,” says Jack Russell Software’s Tom Wilson. The speaker roster includes innovators and code rock stars from nationally known companies such as Akamai, Ally, Netflix, Microsoft, Eventbrite as well as from local and regional businesses, including Active Engine, Blackbaud, Blue Acorn, BlueKey, BoomTown, Digital Ocean, Jack Russell Software, Pokitdok, Qonceptual, Somo, The Baldwin Group, and The Iron Yard, to name a few.

“Karl Hudson Phillips has done an excellent job of assembling a diverse group of speakers covering a wide range of software development topics. Karl reached out to me to help get some local speakers involved, and asked me to speak as well. I am honored to have the opportunity to share at a conference which focuses on the craft of code!” adds Wilson.

SyntaxCon aspires to become the Southeast’s premier programmer’s code gathering hosted in the vibrant Charleston tech scene.

denise-gosnell“The Charleston tech community, as observed across the entire Southeast, has grown exponentially and has established itself as a leading contributor for technical advancement,” says Dr. Denise Gosnell, a driving member of the PokitDok Data Science team since 2014. “Given this recent synergy and momentum, we needed a common platform on which to showcase our talents; and SyntaxCon has become that for the technical community in Charleston, SC. It is the premiere platform for this exemplary group of talent to showcase, exchange, and advance the broader efforts of the local technical community. I am looking forward to contributing to the open knowledge base and gaining from my peer’s experiences,” adds Gosnell.

How will you benefit from SyntaxCon?

This isn’t a conference where attendees just sit and listen, although they will have plenty of opportunity to hear insights from the 40 speakers, all at the top of their game. Instead, SyntaxCon offers relevant training to help conference goers become more effective—and at a fraction of the cost of standard training opportunities. You’ll also have a great networking opportunity, where you can share common challenges and find potential solutions to the problems facing you.

calvin-webster“Syntax is going to be awesome!  There’s no doubt that we have a depth of amazing local developers, and I’m really excited to learn and network with them!  Ten years ago there were only a few local groups in town and no conferences, so we usually had to travel or actively network to reach anyone, but now we have SyntaxCon, a delightful addition for developers to learn and grow,” says Calvin Webster from Charleston’s Iron Yard.

SyntaxCon also aims to highlight developer job and education opportunities in the Charleston area before, during, and after the convention, allowing plenty of room in the schedule for networking with industry peers. “Our goal is to create an experience that exposes both newbies and professionals to new ideas and technologies, while also providing a healthy environment to foster employment and business prospects,” says event co-organizer, Karl Hudson Phillips.

New additions to the speaker lineup continue to be unveiled as the event schedule comes together. Here are just a few of the announced speakers so far:

Syntax tickets are available here, and early registration is encouraged because seating is limited. Sponsorships are available, with details listed here.

Harbormark has provided a consistent source for ongoing education, inspiration, and improvement for creative industry professionals since 2011. They primarily serve designers, developers, marketers, content strategists, and technology business owners in the Charleston area. Their offerings include holding educational events and workshops, providing support forums, and their major events, Revolve Conference and Refresh Charleston, have built great momentum in the design, marketing and creative community leading into SyntaxCon.


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