Collaborate ’16: PeopleMatter Reveals Workforce Innovations & Product Roadmap

At its Collaborate ‘16 user conference, PeopleMatter announced its latest workforce management innovations to facilitate how service industry employers engage, hire, onboard and manage talent in an increasingly competitive recruiting landscape.

PeopleMatter’s latest product enhancements are designed to address the growing use of mobile in the application and workforce management processes. With the company finding that 45 percent of candidates applying to its clients’ positions via their smartphones, PeopleMatter introduced several improvements to facilitate how candidates and managers conduct key activities on their mobile devices.

The company announced it grown considerably since last year’s event, welcoming 26,323 new locations representing more than 550 brands across the service industry.


PeopleMatter CEO George Mackie

During the event’s opening keynote, PeopleMatter’s president and CEO, George Mackie, and vice president of Product Management, Anna Turner, presented the company’s latest enhancements to an audience of HR and workforce management professionals representing more than 90 of the biggest brands in the service industry, including Texas Roadhouse, Roadrunner Markets, Charlotte Russe, Heartland Automotive and Del Taco.

“Employers in the service industry face some significant challenges as they strive to build, sustain and retain high-performing teams, and PeopleMatter is committed to developing the solutions and processes to help them overcome these obstacles,” said Turner. “As workforce management practices continue to evolve, job seeker behavior changes and new technologies emerge, PeopleMatter remains on the cutting-edge of innovation to deliver the solutions that enable businesses, their people and their operations to thrive. We are thrilled to introduce these latest updates at Collaborate ‘16 and provide attendees with a first glimpse of future developments from PeopleMatter as we continue to transform workforce management for the service industry.”

Highlights of PeopleMatter’s newest innovations included:

Application Alerts & Details: PeopleMatter’s industry-first solution enables managers to access applicant information on their mobile devices as soon as the applicant applies. By setting up filters for their ideal candidates, they receive alerts when someone matching that criteria applies. As a result, they can access crucial information whether on the floor or on the go, enabling them to reach out to the applicant as soon as possible, rather than waiting hours. This innovation provides a significant competitive advantage that lets them engage top talent faster and contact candidates wherever and whenever it is most convenient.

Employer Branding & Job Marketing: In a tight labor market in which candidates have greater choices about where they apply and where they want to work, a robust career site is crucial in attracting and engaging the right candidates. PeopleMatter, with its partner, Fork & Knife, helps employers solve this challenge with its new career page offerings, which helps them promote their employer brand, highlight their culture and show potential career paths. In addition, PeopleMatter’s career pages are built with responsible design to ensure an optimal experience for those accessing the site on their mobile devices.

Mobile Employee Onboarding: PeopleMatter provided a sneak peek at its latest transformative solution, mobile-optimized onboarding, which will be available later this year. Leveraging its extensive expertise in developing mobile technology, PeopleMatter has developed a completely mobile-enabled, onboarding experience. Meeting the needs of the rapidly growing number of individuals who apply from their phones, and of those who lack a computer, PeopleMatter enables new hires to complete all of the associated onboarding paperwork directly from their phones, while saving progress along the way.

PeopleMatter’s Collaborate conference has long served as the launching pad for its latest solutions. During Collaborate ’15, the company unveiled PeopleMatter PERFORM, a suite of performance management tools to evaluate and drive performance through frequent, meaningful feedback.

View the highlight reel and presentations from Collaborate ’16.

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