Cybersecurity Firm Soteria Offers Free Security Tools For Startups


What would happen if your business was breached? Charleston-based cybersecurity firm Soteria aims to help startups solve their security problems with the launch of its SecureStart ™ program — a solution for startups looking to establish or grow their security practices.

As part of the launch, Soteria is offering free select services to startups that register for the program including:

  • PhishPhry™ Phishing Detection & Takedown – Soteria’s proprietary phishing / spear phishing reporting system that allows businesses to flag suspicious emails to be analyzed by Soteria’s seasoned security experts.
  • DNSense ™ Brand Reputation Monitoring – provides a layer of brand protection and threat detection by monitoring and scraping the internet for fraudulent or malicious use of your domain or brand name.
  • Artemis ™ Endpoint Compliance Monitoring – provides advanced endpoint monitoring and breach detection for all of your assets, regardless of platform.

These offerings, which other firms price at upwards of $30,000 each, are just three of the six services provided to growing businesses as part of SecureStart. Other services include consulting, vulnerability scanning and policy documentation.

The launch of SecureStart is well-timed, as small and medium businesses are becoming greater targets for cyber criminals. A survey conducted in 2015 by insurer Nationwide revealed 63% of small businesses have been hit by a cyber attack, yet 79% of small business have no cybersecurity response plan in place.

“Small businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks, yet they often lack the time, budget, and staff required to protect their business and stay compliant with security regulations,” said Christopher O’Rourke, CEO and founder. “Soteria’s SecureStart will lessen the burden of building a company security plan and enable startups to safeguard their private information, meet industry compliance requirements, and reduce company exposure to malicious content.”

The SecureStart program was designed with the needs of startups in mind, especially those in the growing Charleston tech scene.

“As a local entrepreneur, I want to ensure Soteria is doing its part to strengthen Charleston’s name as a hub for entrepreneurship. Helping startups establish their security practices at the earliest stage is the best way our firm can leverage its talents to contribute to our entrepreneurship community.

Founded in 2014, Soteria specializes in incident response, forensic investigations, threat management, and data analytics with a 24/7/365 operations center. Led by experienced former members of the NSA, CIA, DoD, and Fortune 500 companies, the firm provides companies big and small with affordable security consulting and plans.

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