Jack Russell Software Innovation Center To Launch First Coding School Boot Camp

Are you considering a new career in software development? Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s Jack Russell Software Innovation Center (JRS IC) is launching its first Coding School Boot Camp being held September 19 – December 6, 2016.

The Mountain Pleasant-based JRS IC was launched this year by Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC), in collaboration with TRHC University, to develop technology that will solve real health care problems while providing leading-edge value to software innovation. The JRS Coding School was established to help bridge the gap between the talent available in the marketplace and the needed talent expertise in the market.

“We are thrilled to launch our first 12-week Boot Camp program at the new JRS IC”, said Tom Wilson, former founder, president and chief architect of Jack Russell Software, and recently named Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer of the Innovation Center. “Upon graduating from this Boot Camp, students will be proficient at a junior professional level, able to build full-stack web applications using JavaScript. We also will introduce students to agile workflow, communication, and software lifecycle training to prepare them for working in a dynamic professional software development setting. We believe this training program will become the Innovation Center’s flagship program that helps raise the talent in the community.”


JRS IC’s Tom Wilson teaches a class in coding.

As part of the Boot Camp launch, students are offered a 50% discount off of the tuition – from $10,000 for the course to $5,000.” Limited space is available.

The JRS Coding School Boot Camp is one of many programs and events held under the Innovation Center and designed to engage and collaborate with highly trained professionals in fields of software development, while creating a culture that continuously innovates. Others programs include hackathons where students will collaborate to learn and develop computer programs; labs, where students will experience how to leverage technology to improve patient lives; and opportunities to work on open source projects that help create quality software. Training will focus on helping current and future developers stay up-to-date and proficient on the latest technology.


The Coding School Boot Camp instructors have a significant amount of experience, with over 40 years of combined professional software and development experience, including 30 years of training software development talent.

Wilson has extensive experience in building and leading teams in the development of large-scale and complex healthcare web applications. He is active within the Charleston software development community, is a member of the Charleston Digital Corridor, and heads the Charleston CoderDojo, which teaches code to children. Wilson chairs the Charleston JS Meetup Group and is an instructor and Lead Advisor at Charleston Code Camp. Wilson believes learning code is a valuable skill, whether one plans to use it professionally or to gain an understanding of the technical world. Recently, he participated at the Syntax Code & Craft Convention, exploring Functional Reactive Programming with Rx.JS/CycleJS.

Joining Wilson as an instructor at the JRS Coding School Boot Camp is Trip Ottinger, who has over 20 years of experience in the design, implementation and consultation of custom business software solutions spanning multiple industries. Ottinger is a frequent presenter and guest speaker at technical conferences around the country as well as in classrooms and in e-learning formats. Earlier in his career, Ottinger was awarded the branded SQL Server presentation series within Microsoft’s Rocky Mountain District in Denver, CO.

Internships at the JRS Coding School Boot Camp are provided to software developers as a chance to immerse themselves in advanced healthcare technology for the purpose of exposure to new skills and to provide a professional refreshment from their day-to-day routine.

One scholarship per boot camp is available for interested candidates who are from low-income and diverse backgrounds.

For more information about curriculum, enrollment, fees, or internships please visit the JRS IC website.

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