Good Done Great Co-Founder Earl Bridges Launches New Tech Startup 4Good


Earl Bridges, co-founder of philanthropic company Good Done Great, is launching a new tech startup spun off from its success in Charleston, SC. While Good Done Great helps corporations maximize their corporate social responsibility programs, his next venture 4Good helps charities become more effective.

4Good is an online collaboration site for the nonprofit community. Its robust platform empowers nonprofits, social enterprises, and community groups to find, share, curate and promote resources, tools, and best practices to increase their social impact. More than just a static list of resources, you can find collections from thought-leaders, leave reviews on the resources you love, and ask the experts your questions.

Since its soft launch in 2014, 4Good has expanded to a community of over 67,000 registered nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, youth leaders, and philanthropists, and more than 30,000 listed charities. The company offers members of its community more than 5,000 resources, including over 500 instructional videos. It has quickly become a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the non-profit sector’s most influential professionals.


Earl Bridges, Co-founder of Good Done Great

“While leading Good Done Great over the past seven years, I learned a tremendous amount about how to leverage technology to advance philanthropy,” said Bridges. “From its humble beginnings at a kitchen table, Good Done Great became one of the 25 fastest growing companies in South Carolina, and it made Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America. Playing a key role in that success has been very gratifying.”

Good Done Great introduced a unique “supply side” approach to philanthropy by providing donors and large corporations with practical and versatile tools for locating, selecting, and giving to charities and causes. Its innovative and engaging platform for employees firmly positioned the company for future growth. The company recently completed its $3M raise. 4Good has the potential to add value to the Good Done Great ecosystem and will leverage much of that technology.

After recently overseeing Good Done Great’s initial round of investment financing and helping to assemble a strong team, Bridges is looking forward to focusing on 4Good. “My first love is starting new ventures, and this seems like the ideal time to pursue an adjacent opportunity,” says Bridges. “The entrepreneurial bug is hard to shake, and I’m extraordinarily excited about 4Good’s potential.”

Bridges fell in love with the idea of providing a platform where 11 million nonprofit professionals can collaborate and exchange ideas about philanthropy. He believes 4Good has the potential to change attitudes, foster collaborations, and inspire dreams that could ultimately benefit the entire world.

4Good also adds to the growing nonprofit tech sector in Charleston’s hot technology scene. “There’s not much to hate about Charleston, South Carolina,” says Bridges. “It’s a burgeoning technology bed. There’s a lot of technologists that get the nonprofit charitable sector that helped foster the cluster of technology companies around doing good.”

In the near future, 4Good plans to hire web designers and developers to upgrade and refine the overall user experience of its site. “We’ll probably need outside investment at some point,” says Bridges, “but our first goal is to graduate from proof-of-concept to a sustainable business model. In the meantime, I feel privileged and excited to be 4Good’s ‘employee number one.’”

While Bridges is the largest shareholder of Good Done Great and will remain on its board, the daily operations will be led by CEO and co-founder, David Barach, and the rest of the Executive Leadership team.

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