CDCA Launches Student Mobile App Competition With $10K in Awards & Scholarships


The Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA), a non-profit advocacy group for the defense industry in the Charleston metro area, is now accepting submissions for its 6th Annual Student Mobile App Competition with $10,000 in awards and scholarships.

The focus of the Mobile App Competition is to stimulate creative thinking and promote the entrepreneurial spirit while offering development support, marketing expertise, mentorship, and guidance for the participating students.

The competition is open for participation to all Middle School, High School and full-time, undergraduate and graduate college students. Students must:

1. Create a unique, single-function mobile application targeting safety, quality of life or finance on the Android platform.

2. Produce a creative, one-minute video marketing your application.

Students must submit their letter of intent by October 3. The submission deadline for receipt of application and video is November 21 at 11:59pm EST. Rules and application process can be found HERE.

Finalists will present the required videos and app demos at the CDCA’s 10th Annual C5ISR Government and Industry Partnership Summit (December 6-9, 2016) at the Charleston Convention Center.

“The CDCA has been dedicated to driving and preserving the defense industry influence and presence in Charleston for more than 14 years. Most don’t know that statewide economic impact of defense spending ($19.3B) now exceeds tourism spending in South Carolina ($19.1B),” said Joshua Hatter, Vice President, PR Chair and Finance Co-Chair, CDCA and senior manager of marketing and business development for General Dynamics. “Not only is this competition good for students and fostering their creativity, but it provides a platform for many to find and follow career paths.  Several of last year’s winners were offered jobs and scholarships because of the exposure they gained from having their apps featured at the C5ISR summit in Charleston.”

The First, Second and Third place winners – and the schools they represent – will all win monetary prizes. Not only that, but contestants will get to meet some of the top influencers in the defense industry in Charleston, forging important professional relationships that could last a lifetime. Last Year’s Winners Came from Georgia Southern University, The Citadel, and William and Mary College.

Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) is an association of organizations and individual professionals dedicated to preserving, highlighting and continuing to grow the defense industry and its affiliated-organizations in Charleston, South Carolina, and its immediate surrounding region.  Since its inception in December 2002, the CDCA has worked to address issues facing the continually changing landscape that is Charleston’s defense industry presence and ensure that it continues to be a thriving, sustained business opportunity in Charleston, South Carolina. Members include: Amazon Web Services, SAIC, UEC, ManTech, BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, CDW-G, Cisco, SCRA, Honeywell, and more. For further information, visit

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