CDCA Announces Winners of Student Mobile App Contest and Hack Warz Competition

The Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA), a non-profit advocacy group for the defense industry in the Charleston metro area, announced the winners of its 6th Annual Student Mobile App Competition at the organization’s 10th annual C5ISR Summit. The goal of the Mobile App Competition is to stimulate creative thinking, drive innovation, and promote entrepreneurship while offering development support, marketing expertise, mentorship, and guidance for the participating students. The CDCA awarded $10,000 in prizes and scholarships at the event.

The Student Mobile App Competition was sponsored by Microsoft and focused on three different target areas – Safety, Quality of Life and Financial – and was open for participation to all middle school, high school and full-time, undergraduate and graduate college students. Taking place at the C5ISR Summit, the Mobile App Competition figured prominently at the event where the top three college entries were on dispay with over 100 attendees who tested each app and voted for the one they thought was best. All of the apps were developed for the Android operating system.

De’Jean Dunbar of Charleston Southern University won 1st Place and Best in Show.


1st Place Winner De’Jean Dunbar with Marc Langlois of Microsoft

This year’s College student winners are:

1st Place – Tag It developed by De’Jean Dunbar, Charleston Southern University
This app leverages Near Field Communication (NFC) to connect two electronic devices when they are in close promiximity to one another. Users open the app on their phone and place it near an NFC tag, which acts as an information port and allows the app to perform a query in the database. The phone will display data in the form of text,  a picture, or a video and these three types of data can be combined or shown separately.

2nd Place – Insure Me developed by John Jones Jr., Chattanooga State Community College
This app connects users to an insurance company agent to insure small claims items. Images of items are taken by users who can then rent, sell, or create an inventory of all assets and submit these assets to be reviewed.  The participating agent then approves or denies these assets.

3rd Place – Protect My House developed by Gerald Vanloo, Morehouse College
This app allows the user to assume the role of a security consultant to assist local homeowners in making their home safer. Taking into consideration the homeowner’s budget and needs, the user will suggest several items to help make another’s home more safe, such as recommending the purchase of a fire extinguisher for those who wish to improve fire safety.

Best In Show – Tag It developed by De’Jean Dunbar, Charleston Southern Universty

This year’s Middle School student winners are:

• 1st Place – Bus Checker developed by Caleb Henry, Lady’s Island Middle School
This app sends notifications to parents when their child gets on or off the school bus. The student inputs a school or school district assigned PIN on the bus keypad to send the notification to their parents.

2nd Place – GPS Alert & Lock developed by Autumn Greenleaf, Westview Middle School
This app provides security for users if their phone is lost or stolen. For example, if someone tries to open their phone but uses the wrong PIN the app enables the phone to take a picture, set off an alarm and then puts the phone into sleep mode for a specified amount of time set by the original owner. Additionally, it provides the option to contact emergency services with the following buttons: Blue = Police, Red = Fire & Rescue.

“For 14 years, the CDCA has been dedicated to driving and preserving the defense industry influence and presence in Charleston,” said Joshua Hatter, Vice President, PR Chair, CDCA. “We had the toughest competition we’ve ever had and are very pleased with the diversity and innovation of the Mobile App entries this year. This competition is a great way for students to foster their creativity and it also provides a platform for many to find and follow career paths. As in year’s past, we’re hopeful that this year’s winners will be offered jobs and scholarships because of the exposure they gained from having their apps featured at the C5ISR summit in Charleston.”

The CDCA also held a Hack Warz® competition at this year’s C5ISR summit, where teams of government and industry veterans battled against each other in a capture the flag type of event and earned tokens (flags) based on hacking into several compromised systems. Tokens were valued by difficulty and skill set required. This year’s winners include:

Top three individuals (handle, name, team, company, points):

• slimm609 – Brian Davis – badgerdeathmode – CACI
• _hap – Bryan Rhodes – 0commas – Securifera
• b0yd – Ryan Wincey – 0commas – Securifera

Top three teams (team name, company, points):

• Badgerdeathmode – CACI
• 0commas – Securifera
• Parsons –  Parsons Security

Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) is an association of organizations and individual professionals dedicated to preserving, highlighting and continuing to grow the defense industry and its affiliated-organizations in Charleston, South Carolina, and its immediate surrounding region. Since its inception in December 2002, the CDCA has worked to address issues facing the continually changing landscape that is Charleston’s defense industry presence and ensure that it continues to be a thriving, sustained business opportunity in Charleston, South Carolina. Members include: Amazon Web Services, SAIC, UEC, ManTech, BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, CDW-G, Cisco, SCRA, Honeywell, and more. For further information, visit

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