We have a passion for the city of Charleston and technology.

Something major is abuzz here, and lucky for us it combines these two things perfectly. To celebrate we’ve created Silicon Harbor Magazine—the premier online magazine focused on the growing tech scene in Charleston, South Carolina, known as Silicon Harbor.

We’re making it our mission to not only report on what’s booming, but to spark ideas, connect people and companies, and educate the community. We do this by delivering quality content highlighting the innovative technologies, entrepreneurs, startups, investments, and creatives in Charleston and surrounding cities.

With its rich blend of history, creative arts, culture, charm and beauty—not to mention its consistent rankings at the top of travel awards and accolades—it’s no wonder that Charleston has caught the eye of the tech industry. It is this unique mix of “old meets new” that makes the story of Silicon Harbor so intriguing.

Charleston is quickly becoming one of America’s fastest growing cities, and as it continues to blossom its local talent and establish itself as a leader in the Southeast tech region, we’ll be here to bring you the news and features on the people, companies, and events that are making it happen.

Our team has a passion for Charleston and technology. This is our way of giving back to the city we love. Maybe you too share a passion for this great city and all things tech. We hope to connect with others, like you, who share this same passion—Reach out to us, follow us, subscribe, and get involved.